NZINGHA’s Necker Island Bushwacker Pops Recipe


Nzinghas Necker Island Bushwacker Pops


Makes 12 pops


1 .50 oz of Coco Lopez (Cream of Coconut)

1 .50 oz of Baileys Irish Cream

1 .50 oz of Kahlua Cream

1 .50 oz of Malibu Coconut Rum

1 .50 oz of Coconut Vodka

1 .50 oz of Amaretto

4 Ice Cubes



Chocolate Syrup (optional for garnish)



1) Into a blender pour all ingredients including Ice Cubes. Then blend well.


2) Prepare your Ice Pop Holder by sprinkling Nutmeg and Cinnamon at the base of your tray (which holds 4 Pops). Then take your Chocolate Syrup in a squeeze bottle with a small nozzle and make a pattern on the walls of each of your individual Pop holders.


3) Now quickly fill your decorated trays with you Bushwacker Liquid and set in the freezer for a minimum of one hour. Then remove Pops gently from your trays and serve.


*****NOTE *****



Peace Be Your Journey…


Now look here these are ADULT POPS!! Not for the kiddies or even some adults!

I remember working on Sir Richard Branson’s (Owner of Virgin Atlantic and anything Virgin) private Island (Necker Island) while living in the BVI. He was sucha sweet kindhearted gentleman.

I happened to be behind one of the bars near the pool playing bartender making a simple Virgin Piña Colada for myself, when he and one of the guests walks by waving at me. They both stopped by the bar and greeted me. They both knew that I wasn’t the bartender but knew me as the Islands Art Teacher. Well as I was putting the finishing touches to my drink they asked if I’d make one for them!!

Well, you know me…always the Artist, I said “I’ve got one drink better than this one…but if you fall over the side of the ship don’t blame me!! It’s my version of a Caribbean Drink called The Bushwacker. But be very clear this is just my recipe, everyone makes it very differently.”

Needless to say they loved it!! No one fell over the side of the boat (thank GOD) but,….they were kinda leanin’ after 3 of these!!! Lololol!!! Sir Richard only had one but thoroughly enjoyed it. He gave me a hug as usual and said “Ms NZINGHA you are a Lady with many gifts, thank you for extending yourself so graciously to me and my guest.” My response…”Thank you…now show me the moneyyyy!” We laughed (but I was serious).

This version of my recipe is missing “Frangelico” and Vanilla Extract (not common to the original drink but I add it for more dimension).




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