NZINGHA’s Caribbean Jerk Pork Fried Rice w Coconut Jerk Sauce


NZINGHA’s Caribbean Jerk Pork Fried Rice w Coconut Jerk Sauce | Photo & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

This is one of my permanent dishes and a house favorite on the menu @ ZLounge…and I also prepare it with Chicken, Shrimp, Lobster or Veggie the choice is yours but the flavours are all mine!!

As you may or may not know in the Caribbean there are many cultural flavor profiles that comprise Caribbean Cuisine.

The Asian influence comes directly from India and China as centuries ago the Asian people were used as additional slave labor along with the Africans brought to the Caribbean as a port stop before going to the “New World” what is now called America.

What I will share with you about this dish is the not so secret, secret ingredient…BLACK RICE or FORBIDDEN RICE. As most who are health conscious are coming to find out that Black Forbidden Rice is indeed the KING of all rice! Why is it King of all rice? It’s got the best flavor, is incredibly high in antioxidants, truly disease preventative, blood toning, high in Iron and contains Anthocyinis which gives Blueberries, Pomegranates, Strawberries and other goods that are high in antioxidants their rich dark color!

There are several brands now on the market and available at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco and of course online in small bags or in bulk. This is just one brand.

The Black Rice was mostly deemed “forbidden” because it was only reserved for China’s Royalty only…no common people were allowed to indulge in the eating of this rice though it was readily available to them but only prepared for Royals and the like.

It was believed to give the Royals health, long life and vitality. All of which were true especially now that modern science has found it to be an amazing source of health!

The rice turns out flavourful and tender after cooking and is a lovely deep purple hue. The cooking time on this rice takes a bit longer than your average altered white rice. So say you have 2 cups of rice…normally you would add 4 cups of water but in this case you want to add 6 cups of water as the rice takes a bit longer to cook and absorb the water.

How is the rice harvested? The original form of rice IS black before its hulled and the “husk” of the rice is removed creating variations of the rice…being Brown or White. The White rice is usually adjusted by bleaching and polishing the grain to give the grain a smoother edge.

So, as far as I’m concerned this rice was made for me as I AM Royalty named after Queen NZINGHA of Matamba, Angola Africa. And any dish that comes from my kitchen should reflect that royalty and extended to those in MY COURT (home kitchen).

I chose to use this rice as a reflection of the Caribbean’s people and infusing the flavours of Caribbean Culture along with the rich Culture of China through…BLACK RICE.

This dish of “NZINGHA’s Caribbean Fried Rice” from my kitchen to yours is indeed indicative of that mix of culture that created Caribbean people and it’s food.

Each Island is different and does have a Fried Rice dish but mine is quite different from the traditional…this will have to remain MY SECRET RECIPE!

Peace Be Your Journey….



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