Laroche Family (Caribbean/Hatian) on Titanic


So, today I was feeling a bit under the weather and stayed indoors today and because I’m a lover of history and all things historical…the story of Titanic came to my mind. So I commenced in watching documentaries (my favourite genre of film) of the survivors of the Titanic.

Even as a little girl I remembered being interested in anything Titanic. My grandmother was 7 years old in 1912 and I wondered if she’d heard all about it in the British Caribbean (where my maternal family reigns from)since the liner was a British ship. Later on in my Grandmothers life little did she know she was going to be on a boat herself looking to make a life in a new world…

Anyway I came across this one 10 minute documentary that opened up the door to me finding out that there were Black People (Haitian) indeed sailing on the Titanic’s maiden voyage!!! And a then famous boxer Jack Johnson who was denied passage in first class due to his race and interracial marriage. This was an interesting piece of history never told!!! Why were the Laroche family allowed passage and even more incredible that they, were in that last life boat leaving Titanic?!!

Please see video clip …

Pictured on the very bottom photograph is Boxer Jack Johnson and his first wife Etta Terry Dureya who were denied First Class Passage and ultimately Jack Johnson went on to live until 1946 having three wives and having no children from any of his three wives. He was noted to have been said to be glad to not be onboard for the demise of the ship. Though the blaze of the blatant racist attitude towards he and his wife stung but they escaped a certain death.






2 thoughts on “Laroche Family (Caribbean/Hatian) on Titanic

  1. Nzingha, love the look of your site & how informational it is. Looking forward to trying many of your recipes, they all look so great. Happy blogging!!!

    • Hi Lady Cheryl!! Wow you move fast! Thank you so very much for your support…you can’t imagine what it means to me right now…really…thank you (humbly).

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