Red Velvet Pancakes “Tamagoyaki” Layers


Red Velvet Pancakes “Tamagoyaki” Style | Photo & Food by NZINGHA

So, this was my breakfast this morning. This way of preparing the pancakes was purely experimental. I love Red Velvet so, you will see many Red Velvet creations in the future. Red Velvet is not traditionally a Caribbean food offering but since I’m “half & half” it’s taken on a new form. Red Velvet with a twist.

This version of Red Velvet are layers of Pancakes all in one simple small roll…Japanese style. Normally here in the USA Pancakes are vertically stacked on top of each other but these lovelies are stacked in a roll and cut into 6 Sushi style pieces.

Prepared with the Japanese “Tamagoyaki” pan frying method. The same way you would prepare Tamagoyaki in the skillet is the same way you’ll prepare the pancakes. I’ve got to say again…

Easy to prepare (easy mixture and pouring from a spout container, so that’s easy for cleanup), easy to clean up during cooking and after cooking and even after dining (literally you should see no mess if you have a pancake spout and chopsticks. All your going to clean up is your non stick pan and you can do that with a few swipes of paper towel, your pancake pourer, your chopsticks and your plate), and easy to eat and you are full!

Chopsticks in the cooking process replaces that big old spatula scratching and damaging your pans…Thank You to my Japanese brothers and sisters this way of dining and cooking is genius!!!!



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