NZINGHA’s Mini Coconut Red Velvet Beignets

NZINGHA’s Mini Coconut Red Velvet Beignets w Chocolate Wine Sauce | Photo & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love Red Velvet Cake!! I’ve made several dishes that are a light spin on this dessert. It’s not a dessert that is indigenous to the Caribbean nor are Beignets but since I’m half and half this Southern American (Louisiana) favorite has become one of my favorites too!

Now, I’ve made Red Velvet Pancakes (2 different techniques), Red Velvet Hot Chocolate and now Red Velvet Beignets. Normally when I make some dishes I would share the recipe but for this house special….mmmmmm…not so much!! Lolol (I’d made major adjustments to the original Louisiana Beignet recipe. I combed for just the right ingredients for this version of Beignet. Guess you can say Beignet gone Caribbean fusion)


This afternoon during my normal tea time I was thinking what sweetie should I have with my tea? I remembered once being with friends in Philly at a Resturant whose food was stellar…we had ordered just about everything on the menu appetizer, entree and now for the finale…dessert! The dessert my friend ordered was the best for me…mini Beignets.

It’s Tea Time!!!

Well, you say mini anything to me and it works! Especially love petit desserts since I’m genuinely not the big sweet eater. But when I do have a sweetie trust is something that packs a punch in a small package.

So, with this fond recall of those Beignets I decided to create my own version of those mini Beignets and embrace my dual cultural fusion life into these Coconut Red Velvet Mini Beignets!! Trust me served warm is best and this one my love….stays on my permanent menu!!!


Pictured here is my how to demo…


Easy to make ,Cafe DuMonde style Beignets…


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