Go Nuts for Coconuts


Go Nuts for Coconut!!!
Where do I begin to tell you all the virtues of Coconuts (I truly do love Coconuts)? Besides their natural sweetness for cooking, electrolytes for drinking, beauty benefits for skin and hair it’s also proven to be a healthy good for the body element in the food chain.

All the countries that have natural (not an import from another country) availability to Coconuts seem to have lower cases in any form of Cancer. Now the statistics for Cancer prevention and Coconuts can be found here on this website: http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/

I recall going on a day trip to St. Thomas from Virgin Gorda (an amazing calming trip. Like 1 hour and 45 minutes by ferry.) I met an older gentleman I’d say in his mid 60’s on that trip. We had a lovely chat and his wisdom seemed beyond his own years. He was very much in shape and the only thing that touted his age was his Salt and Pepper hair.

We talked bout everything and he’d even had the nerve to flirt. Well, then he asks me how old do I think he is. I immediately said mid 60’s. He chuckled and nodded his head he said “I haven’t been that in 30 years!! Hahaaahaaa!”

My jaw dropped that meant he was 95?!?!! How could that be?! I said that’s amazing! But I know it’s possible because my Grandmother who lived to be one month shy of 100, looked like she was in her 60’s too.

I asked him how he stayed so handsome and youthful looking? He said…”COCONUTS! Every part of the Coconut is useful my child! the Oil, the Milk, the Water, the Meat and even the Shell (for Home Goods, Utensils and Jewelry). Nothing gets wasted with the Coconut if you know how to use it. I also run on the beach daily and swim”


After that part of our chat the boat was nearing the dock. I knew we’d be parting ways here. He asked if I needed any assistance with my bags. I looked at him and thought….nahhhh it’ll kill him…that big ol heavy bag of mine. Next thing I know the ship had docked.

We both walked down the stairs…I often looked back to see if he was okay…yep!! He sure was okay…just as spry and upright. I went to get my bag and next thing I knew he’d immediately grabbed it out of my hand and threw it over the plank side….EFFORTLESSLY!!! Then commended to pull it to my vehicle.

I was left dumbfounded and speechless!! He gave me his card and said call me when you get back in town I’d love do have you to lunch. And boy if I was younger and unmarried I’d sure take you as my wife (wink!)

The secret fountain if youth he’d found appears to be none other than Coconuts and every byproduct therein!

Peace Be Your Journey….

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