NZINGHA’s Red Velvet Chocolate Tea / Hot Chocolate


NZINGHA’s Red Velvet Chocolate Tea / Hot Chocolate | Photo & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge:Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

Ahhh….Chocolate Tea “Liquid Love”…made for the Mayan Chef’s …made from rare Mayan, African, Indian, Malaysia, Chinese Cocoa Beans.

The Mayans would add a pinch of Chilli, the Algerians would add Mint, the Indians would add Rose or Curry, the Caribbean’s would add Coconut or Cinnamon and Nutmeg…no matter how you prepare it it always warms the soul feeding your endorphins with explosive neurons that make you happy and feel love.

Whenever I make a pot of “Liquid Love” it varies from pot to pot , just like fingerprints each one is individual and unique… But one of my favorite versions of my homemade Cocoa Tea is Red Velvet something new I’ve added to my repertoire of Cocoas (Mint, Chilli, Rose, Lavender, Almond Joy, Peanut Butter).


I recall my childhood, Grandmother making several beverages homemade Teas, Fruit Drinks and my favorite Chocolate Tea/Hot Chocolate. In true West Indian form she would grate those beans and steep them and add milk and cook it to perfection adding this and that (sometimes Orange Peel, which shed keep several sheets of it).

I’ll admit it right now…., I will not be the one standing over a grater with those beans or with mortar and pestle (that’s why this is NOUVELLE Caribbean Cuisine)! But I will buy the most saturated brand and tweak it with additional flavors to give it an edge.

Ok, with all that said you may be asking yourself where does Red Velvet come into the picture…,right? Its simple…I just love the taste and look of Red Velvet, so here’s my version of Red Velvet in a cup….with a bit of this and a bit of that.




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