NZINGHA’s Coconut Sugar Cake


Photo & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

Written by NZINGHA

Well, this brings back memories of Grandma. A true Caribbean Sweet Treat, loved all over the Caribbean.

Each Island has its own spin on it and maybe different ingredients added to make it special to their household.

Something about grating that Coconut could drive you crazy!! A long long process. Then to not just get Coconut gratings but we were gonna get Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil out of all that hard work.

Here’s what I’ve been slaving in the kitchen over, all afternoon…that’s right that favorite Caribbean sweet treat. Maybe you’ll recognize it…. Coconut Sugar Cake

20130608-222732.jpgPhoto & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

🍃NZINGHA’S Coconut Sugar Cakes🍃

2 cups of Sugar
½ tsp of Vanilla Extract
½ cup of Water
1 cup of Coconut (grated)
1 tbsp of Kaluha Liquor

1) On a low flame boil Sugar and Water together for approximately 10 minutes until syrupy. Stirring frequently with a spatula.

2) Now to your simple syrup add your finely grated Coconut and Vanilla Extract.

3) Your mixture will be very hot and sticky so be careful when handling. I like to make different shapes of cakes and for this recipe I made them into pyramids by using stainless steel molds in varying sizes. I also used 3 different colors (red, yellow, green)

4) In three separate bowls with 1 tsp of Water in each bowl and add, food coloring to each bowl.

5) Heres where you must work quickly removing the Coconut mixture and adding and mixing to each of the colored bowls. Stir mixture so the color is even throughout the cCoconut mixture.

6) Now add layers of each color to your pyramid molds. The molds should be upsidedown to receive the filling. Be careful because this step is very hot. now when your molds are filled turn them over onto a silicon Silpat Mat to cool down and firm up. the simple syrup will help with the firming of the cakes. Give them 10-15 minutes to cool then remove them and serve.

Peace Be Your Journey….

20130608-222643.jpgPhoto & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

Now here’s a TRUTH. Sugar Cake is not a Diabetics friend nor a Weight Watchers friend. This treat is very sweet (duh that’s why it’s got SUGAR in its title). So with that said. Sugar Cake is not to just be devoured in one sitting. In my personal opinion it should be eaten in small pieces like you would any sweetie. A little goes a long way. 😊

20130608-223104.jpgPhoto & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine Version of Coconut Sugar Cake


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