The US Virgin Islands @ The Fancy Food Show 2013


Written & Photographed by
NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

20130701-161947.jpgChef Taj Siwitu (My Cousin) and I

Chef Taj CEO of Buddha Sushi, St. Thomas, USVI here in NY with his World Famous “Taj Sauce” for The NY Fancy Food Show!!!

Chef Taj is here showcasing his famous “Taj Sauce”. “Taj Sauce” was created by Chef Taj Siwatu as a low sodium Soy Sauce infused with Sesame and hints of Ginger.

With a combination of Caribbean and traditional Japanese ingredients this sauce brings both worlds together with complex bursts of flavors.

With its multiple applications “Taj Sauce” brings a whole new dimension to food where the “Far East Meets West Indies”. An exciting fusion of cultures and flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy!!!

Here’s my Cousin Chinwe O. Osaze my Cousin Chef Taj’s Mum and CEO of Mama Jo’s Lemongrass Iced Tea here in New York for The Fancy Food Show 2013. Representing the St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

The Tea is all natural and the Lemongrass is home grown on Cousin Chinwe’s property. The Lemongrass is close to 6′ tall! Cousin Chinwe’s also makes Beauty Products as well…all from Lemongrass. The Tea is very clean tasting, light citrusy and Honey sweetened. I’m already thinking about it in a reduction sauce, soup, marinade and of course to simply drink!! For more information on Cousin Chinwe’s Products please email her @

Here is an amazing Lady and CEO of Virgin Islands Fruit Preserves Mrs. June A. Archibald. Her Spice Rubs, Sauces, Jams, Chutneys are absolutely the best in the territory!!


20130701-162805.jpg Presenting here in this pic Mango Pepper Sauce and Dry Rub Spices. I tried them on Chicken and can you say that’s one “Kicked up Caribbean BBQ”! Mrs. Archibald has a Mango Farm featuring some of the most beautiful and bountiful Mangoes that she uses for her all of her products. Just delicious!

20130701-163039.jpgPresenting here in this pic Mango Drizzler and Sorrell Drizzler (my personal favorite). I can’t even describe to you how these lovely bottles of sunshine taste. I’m already using them in my mind for the 4th of July BBQ…some of you may not eat Ribs or Chicken but these are great for Fish and veggie dishes too! These drizzlers are my fave next to the Soursop Drizzler (not pictured here). The flavors take you right to St. Thomas eating BBQ at Meghan’s Bay Beach with family and friends.

20130701-163349.jpgPresenting here in this pic Tamarind Pepper Sauce (What????! I never and it is GOOOOOODDD!) and Tamarind Sauce mildly sweet yet tangy at the same time just like Tamarind itself…unique in taste. Did you know Tamarind is an ingredient in Worcestershire Sauce? Tamarind is what gives it it’s unique flavor.

In addition Mrs. Archibalds Spice Rubs, Sauces, Jams, Chutneys are absolutely the best in the territory!! Real fruit from her Caribbean Fruit Farm! Featuring Fruits like Mango, Soursop, Passionfruit, Caribbean Cherry, Tamarind, Aji, Genip, Lemongrass, and more!! The rubs are just amazing flavor for a savory BBQ on Meats, Poultry and Fish. The Drizzlers are my faves because well, a huge variety of flavors that can only be found in the Caribbean.
For more info please check out the website @ or email tell em’ Queen NZINGHA sent you!!

Here’s the CEO of Crucian Mead and Caribbean Bee Keeper Mrs. Wanda Wright representing St. Thomas, USVI and her Honey based products…. Honey Mustards, Honeys and Honey Wines!

Honey Wines:
Yellow Plum
Suriname Cherry
Passion Fruit
Carambola (Starfruit)

For all information on ordering these products email:

Tropical Pops Popciles are this offering by its CEO Carolyn “Tammy” Isaac who also has a bevy of Fruit Smoothies in numerous combinations and flavors. I’ve had many “tropical fruit flavored” Popsicles but this is the real deal!!! Not “flavored” Popsicles but real fruit Popsicles , so real you can taste the pulp!!!

Passion fruit
Mixed Fruit

These took me right back home on the Island right back to the beaches, markets, sun and food. This is what I would officially classify as “comfort food”.

For more information please visit …



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