BVI Anegada Lobster Festival 2013


Written by Caribbean Posh Magazine

The British Virgin Islands, 10 days and 2 events are all you need to satisfy your every culinary desire! Set in Nature’s Little Secrets, the BVI Tourist Board presents…”BVI Restaurant Week & the Anegada Lobster Festival”! This is your chance to dine and enjoy 5-star meals and entertainment for a mere fraction of the usual cost, and also an opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Anegada while enjoying the world famous Anegadian spiny lobster…all prepared by some of the world’s most renowned Chefs and Mixologists!

Food tourism has grown exponentially over the years, where persons worldwide travel to various destinations, based on culinary events and enticing cuisines. The BVI Tourist Board has noted this vast growing market and has coined two fantastic events that will further highlight the BVI on an international stage for food tourism.

BVI Restaurant Week

BVI Restaurant Week 2013 will provide a unique opportunity for the BVI community, and tourists alike, to experience the variety of dining that exists along our shores. From November 22nd to December 1st, 2013 persons will be able to dine at any of the more than 25 participating restaurant for a special discounted rate.

In its second year, BVI Restaurant Week has built on the success of the first year’s event and has drummed up great anticipation for BVI Restaurant Week 2013. This year’s event promises to be even bigger than the last with celebrity chefs, two launch events, VIP dinners, great giveaways, fantastic dishes and lively entertainment. Throughout the 10 days, various restaurants throughout the Territory will feature discounted prices of $20-$45 for dinner, $10-$15 for lunch and $6-$9 for breakfast. This event affords everyone the opportunity to sample the wide array of foods offered from restaurant to restaurant and makes dining affordable for patrons no matter if they choose to dine at one of our boutique restaurants or at one of our five-star resorts.


Anegada Lobster Festival

Where do you go for the best lobster in the Caribbean? The British Virgin Islands of course!

Nature’s Little Secrets is where globetrotters and international food lovers have found the most tasty, succulent catch of the sea: the Anegada spiny lobster!

A plentiful number of these brightly coloured crustaceans can be found directly in the waters surrounding Anegada. The British Virgin Islands beckons all travellers to visit the unique island of Anegada to indulge in this exotic fare at the first annual Anegada Lobster Festival.

The Anegada Lobster Festival, drawing locals and travellers to the shores of Anegada for a weekend of dining, entertainment, sun, sand and sea; will feature our local chefs who will be on hand to prepare, cook and serve a bevy of flavourful lobster dishes to please all palates. The newly created event takes place on November 30th and December 1st 2013 and will reintroduce the island of Anegada to the BVI’s local population, while familiarizing new and repeat visitors to another dimension of our versatile tourism product.


A Culinary Showcase

The islands’ food and culture are key ingredients for the BVIs’ niche tourism product. BVI Restaurant Week coupled with the Anegada Lobster Festival serves as a means of highlighting the islands’ local talent and the succulent dishes that are prepared with unique Caribbean flare, in the breathtaking backdrop of the BVI.

What to expect?

A VIP dinner
Live entertainment
Free food samplings
Wine tasting
Celebrity chefs
A cook-off competitions
Vibrant BVI culture
Welcoming friendly people
Succulent Anegada lobster
Discounted prices
Delectable cuisine

What more can you ask for to satisfy your every culinary desire?

10 days 2 events that offers an exclusive culinary opportunity in the niche, tropical paradise of the British Virgin Islands! Plan to be in the British Virgin Islands this Holiday Season, as these events take place from November 22 – December 1, 2013! It’s the one…well TWO events that you absolutely do not want to miss!”

For more information on these two spectacular events please visit WWW.BVITOURISM.COM/RESTAURANTWEEK and WWW.BVITOURISM.COM/ANEGADALOBSTERFESTIVAL.



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