Traditional Bake & Shark…get a new twist….”Caribbean Sliders”

Carib Seasoned Talapia w Johnny Cake & NZINGHA’s Caribbean Slaw20131117-194144.jpg
Traditional Bake & Shark…get a new twist….”Caribbean Sliders”
Written | Photographed | Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

I love a good fried fish sandwich! Here with a not-so traditional Trinidadian Bake and Shark, and it comes with all the extra Caribbean trimmings. I’m not really a big fan of Shark but I do like meaty type fishes. Here in my adaptation of Bake and Shark I substituted Shark for Talapia two ways both fried and even made a Bake and Pork sandwich! I created my own sauces and chutneys to add a perfect blend of sweet and heat (a very West Indian thing to do).

I also created my own Caribbean Slaw to add the crunch textured element to the sandwich and I chose to use Red Cabbage for extra color. This sandwich…, THIS SANDWICH I could not stop eating in its regular size so I thought to scale it down….Mmmmm, why not turn them into SLIDERS (truly an American Weight Watcher’s thing but trust me it works here with this sandwich)! Make it all bite sized!!

Now this, is an awesome idea! Because when I think about all the calories it just simply adds up with all the frying going on. I even changed the oil to fry my bakes with! Yes I did, I use Coconut Oil to fry my Bakes in, it adds a slight sweetness and has health benefits to it. And yes, I continue to fry the fish in a regular vegetable oil.
Carib Seasoned Talapia w Johnny Cake & NZINGHA’s Caribbean Slaw

The Official Bake and Shark from Maracas Beach in Trinidad

Fried Bake/aka Johnny Cake


Complete Bake & Shark

Jerk Roast Pork w Johnny Cake & NZINGHA’s Caribbean Slaw

I know everyone is like where does the Jerk Roast Pork come into play?! Well it’s in keeping with the thought of Bake and Shark. The only thing that’s different is that I’m using Jerk Pork in place of Shark. And trust me this is delicious!! With the various sauces like Coconut Jerk Sauce and Coconut Mango Chutney it is winning!! The heat coming off your Jerk combined with the slightly savoury sweet sauces is an explosion of flavors!
Jerk Roast Pork w Johnny Cake & NZINGHA’s Caribbean Slaw

Now this fish is light but its all about the seasoning for me…Bassa. Bassa has a mild slightly buttery taste and is very light in taste and feel in your mouth. It really seems to melt in the mouth though it can withstand the deep frying process I put it through. I used a mildly spiced Caribbean seasoning so as to not overpower the light Bassa flavor. Here in the picture below I have a nice cool glass of my favorite Cucumber Mint Coolah (recipe on previous post).
Caribbean Seasoned Fried Bassa Nuggets

Here’s another filling substitute for the Shark ; Jerk Talapia. I like Talapia a lot because its light yet meaty. You can use any other meaty fishes as well. Im thinking Wahoo, Blue Fish, Catfish, the choice is yours. Simply clean your fillet in Lime Juice, marinate it in Dry Jerk, flour and fry it like you normally would any other Fried Fish.
Jerk Talapia Nuggets



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