Ground Beef Dishes

NZINGHA’s Caribbean Chilli20131111-134402.jpg
Ground Beef….and its multifacets.
Written by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine
Some good advice on how to cook ground beef.

Can I tell you just how much I love Chilli?!! I think I make Chilli at least twice a month. I usually adjust the heat with a finishing sauce you add after the initial Chilli is cooked. I make a regular Chilli and I also make a Caribbean Style Chilli. Chilli always reminds me of a Stew, the thickness and gravy. Yummmmm! I don’t do this dish often but here it is my Chilli Cheese Links! I grill a pack of Nathan’s Brand Links and top it with Spicy Brown Ground Mustard, Chilli and top it with White or Red Onions…WICKED!Chilli Cheese Links

Here’s a place I’d like to visit!! I absolutely love Chilli…mmmmmm

Sundried Tomato Mini Meatballs w Sundried Tomato Sauce & Cappellini


Teriyaki Meat Loaf


Caribbean Style Homemade Sloppy Joes


NZINGHA’s Italian Wedding Soup

This Chefs recipe is very similar to my own only I used pictured above Spinach Pasta and I brighten it with Lime (cause that’s what Caribbean’s do…Limin’!).

This is the real deal Italian Wedding Soup here! Look at how cute Nan is?! Bella Xoxo

Beouf Boulli* Fire Engine* Bully Beef * Picadillo


Bully Beef Pâté’s


Bully Beef Pâté’s


Papas Rellenas/ Potato & Meat Fried Patties

Curried Beef & Beet Muscato Sauce w Penne Pasta topped with a mix of Asiago*Fontina*Parmegiano Regiano Cheese




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