NZINGHA’s Buffalo Chicken Soup…

I do hope you all get a try at my Soup and give me your feedback and comments!

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ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

NZINGHA’s Buffalo Chicken Soup

NZINGHA’s Buffalo Chicken Soup
Written | Photographed | Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

Ok, here it goes…if you know anything about me one of the few things you will find out is I love SPICY FOOD!!! And I also love the taste of Buffalo Chicken Wings. Seriously I have made Buffalo Style Chicken in several different ways and there’s just something about that flavor I love.

In a few upcoming blog posts I’ll show you some of my Buffalo Style recipes.

So, this has been a request of my dear fashionista friend and model who happens to love to cook, Lady Megan…this post is especially for her! Here ya go Dumplin’. I think you just may like this one because it tastes just like the Buffalo Chicken Wings and Dip you order from any Resturant. It’s authentic Flavor though I use a few…

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