Love Buffalo Style? Me too!

Buffalo Chicken Omelette20131122-174825.jpg

Love Buffalo Style? Me too!
Written | Photographed | Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

This is the American (Yankee) side of me “y’all “….I love Buffalo Chicken Wings!!! For real!! I’m not certain what my initial introduction to Buffalo Chicken was but let me say I am wholeheartedly a fan!!! And really simple to make…seasoning, fry, butter & hot sauce mixed, toss wings and serve!!!

Ahhhh but I think you know me by now its never gonna be that easy😉. In true Caribbean fashion I’ve got my spin on that too. I have a special recipe for my wings and I’m just gonna brag now…Yeah they’re good! Hahahaaa! I know my Brotha Kindell loves em and has made it clear he’s not messing about with my wings! Lololol

But as I said before you know me I’ve got a spin on it…my first offering are my Buffalo Chicken Omelette’s…yes I said Omelette. The filling is my now popular Buffalo Chicken Dip, Carrots, Celery and Topped with Blue Cheese. BAM! Lololol I love it…didn’t expect that did you? Well trust me its good eats.
Buffalo Chicken Omelette


Buffalo Chicken Dip

Look at how the BBQ Boys are doing it! Love these guys….they’re Redneck Yardie boys for sure

Buffalo Wild Wings has how many sauces?!

Buffalo Wild Wings (prep)



Fried Mashed Potatoes w Bacon & Buffalo Wing Cheddar Cheese | Photo & Food by NZINGHA for ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine




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