A NY Caribbean Girl’s Tea Time

Written by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

Ahhh how I love a good cup of tea! Whether its gourmet flavored teas or home grown bush tea tea is the afternoon delight. It’s sometimes the high point in one’s day.

I remember growing up in my household tea time was indeed a big deal. My Grandmum would especially like tea time for just us right after I’d come home from school. She’d makeup a strong pot of tea and sometimes we’d have cookies or biscuits or even a light sandwich (not often because she said it would spoil my appetite for dinner).

When I’d be in her kitchen I’d see the staple Lipton Tea but there were other knock knacks shed have as well like Cinnamon sticks, Vanilla pods, fresh Nutmeg pods, Cocoa beans,Dried Orange peels. I wondered if this was more like a science lab or a kitchen.

Those were fun times with Mama Grandmum. I remember as an adult I continued with our afternoon tea trysts as often as I could (which would be difficult when I was doing makeup on various tours). But oh how I loved that time together just talking and laughing for hours.

In all my days on tour especially while in London I’d always get Mama Edith (Grandmum) and Mama Jean (Mum) the real deal teas from Whittard, Harney’s or other little tea shops I’d find along with buscuits from Selfridge’s. I’d even get fancy and gotten French Macarons sent to the house once. They both loved them! And so did I! I thought this would be a great addition to our tea time eats.

Just the other day…being Mothers Day I had a fond memory while standing in Trader Joe’s. Well I happen to love Trader Joe’s and I think they would too. While I was on line to check out what did I see but a variety box of Macarons! I had already planted some Almond Biscuits I’d found into my cart but this would be an extra super treat for me.

After whisking my Trader Joe’s bag of goodies home I immediately dove in for a taste! I hadn’t even put on my tea! The first one I bit into was a Lemon one…wow! This was really tasty! Trader Joe’s gets another home run in my book 😉.

So, this post’s intention was to be about tea and tea time yet I cannot tell a lie, it’s turned into a review of 2 of my tea time Trader Joe’s finds! I just have to be honest. Who knew!!! My favorite flavors our of this assorted case of Macarons 1) Coconut (took me back home with that authentic Coconut flavor) 2) Pistachio (just love the taste and the bits of real Pistachio nuts in the genache’ 3) Fig (just delightful). Not to mention the calories on these are really not bad surprisingly but, that’s Trader Joe’s for you.

Now to close this tea time chat, lets talk about these lovely Belgian Almond Biscuit Thins can you say like Lays Potato Chips you can’t eat just one!!!! Ugh soooo good!!! Really!!! I found myself having to stop myself. The only downfall to these scrumptious biscuits is that they in my estimation are not for dunking in your tea. They are so delicate, light, and thin that it would be easy to become the disintegrated sweetener for your tea resting at the bottom of your teacup!

However yet again I have to give Trader Joe’s another thumbs up 👍👍👍for creating a brilliant product, healthy and most of all affordable. The Macarons weigh in at the price of $4.99 and the Almond Biscuits at just $3.99. I’m sure Mama Grandmum and Mama Jean would’ve loved both of these items as well; great to put in any Mother’s Day Tea Gift Basket.


Thanks Trader Joe’s for making this days tea time delightfully special 😊.


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