Mangoes: edible sunshine

Repeating Islands


This article by Bena Nakawuki for Jamaica’s Observer celebrates my favorite fruit.

IF there were ever a food that tasted so good that it reminded me of summer, sunshine and feeling good, it would definitely be mangoes.

Everybody loves a good mango; in fact, I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like or eat mangoes, except for health reasons. Mangoes are juicy, sweet, creamy, colourful, alive, nutritious, filling, ready-to-eat and comforting. With so many varieties to choose from, how can one ever get bored?

From East Indian, Julie (St Julian) and Bombay mangoes to Black Mango, Tommy Atkins, Hairy or Stringy, Common, Number 11, Hayden, Sweety, Beefy, and Longy or Long Mango. There are many more, each with their unique flavour.

So now that we are in one of the best seasons – and no, I’m not talking about the World Cup season – mango season, let’s ditch the myth…

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