Sorrel Season…”How-To” make your own

Written by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine™

People in the Caribbean LOVE Sorrel Drink. It’s a beverage that’s usually served around the Christmas holiday and its blooming season begins in October and ends in December. However you can now find the Sorrel petals sun dried and available during ANY season! Yay!!

The origins of the Sorrel plant are in Africa, it is known as Roselle. In Latin countries its known as Jamaica flower, other places call it Hibiscus flower (not quite accurate although it is in the Hibiscus family.

You can find this beverage in many places now across the world in specialty Caribbean, Asian, Indian and Latin grocers. Please note each household makes this drink differently adding various ingredients like dried orange peel to simply using 4 ingredients. Some like it more with a bitter taste, some like it super spicy with ginger and clove, and some like it lightly sweetened with the taste of white sugar or the deep richness of brown sugar (which also adds to the color of your Sorrel drink).

I’ve seen people use Agave or Honey to keep the beverage organic yet still get the sweetness that’s required to balance out this tart drink. My Nan used to add dried orange peel. I always wondered why she kept all those “skins” (that’s what I used to call the orange peels as a child). I tried making mine like hers with that lovely hint of orange from the zest just added magic to the flavor profile.

Well, I’m here to share with you my version. i hope you’ll like it its kind of mellow and light. So, heres my personal recipe for Sorrel:

NZINGHA’s Sweet Sorrel Recipe©
2 cups of Sorrel Petals
2 Cinnamon Sticks
3 knobs of Ginger
2 tbsp of Pimento Pods
1 tbsp of Lime Juice
7 cups of Vanilla Sugar/ Brown Sugar/ White Sugar
1 tbsp of Rum Essence/ Rum
2 liters of Water
Extra limes for garnish

Uhhh yeah that’s what I use all those empty VOSS water bottles for!! Yep, storing all my homemade beverages. They’re great gifts and come in different sizes. I had so much left that I put it in one large VOSS bottle and 3 mini bottles, 2 Mason jars , 1 pitcher, 2 small breakfast beverage pitchers (1 large glass) and 1 mini breakfast beverage pitcher (1 small glass).

The beauty of this beverage is if its too concentrated for some people’s taste, they can always thin it out with water. If its not sweet enough you can always sweeten it after and it will be fine. However you like to serve it up, just enjoy the season!!

Hope you enjoy this recipe!
Peace Be Your Journey…


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