Caribbean Styled Pumpkin Dishes

Written by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine©

Here in America its Pumpkin Season! However in the Caribbean it’s always Pumpkin Season!!! And many local dishes require Pumpkin as one the main ingredients. One of my regular uses for the Pumpkin is in my soups. I LOVE SOUPS!!! One of my other favourite pumpkin dishes is Pumpkin Rice. Some people like to grate the pumpkin and some like to cube it (chunky style or medium sized).

From Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Suriname, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago and several other islands you will find pumpkin used in numerous and various ways and not just for pies! And of course to Curry the pumpkin is popular as well (our Indian food influence).

Here’s a photo of Dominican Styled Pumkin Rice

Here’s my favourite Chicken Soup with Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, White Potato and Corn on the Cobb


Pumpkin Rice Video’s

Curried Pumpkin Video

Stewed Pumpkin Video

My Oxtails w Butta Beans * Pumpkin Rice featuring Black Rice and Baked Brown Butter and Bacon Brussels Sprouts


My Punkin’ Spice Chilla



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