NZINGHA’s Coconut * Cucumber * Lime * Mint Coolah

ZLounge: Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

I think this is one of my favorite drinks of my “Coolah” Series. Something about Cucumbers is just so refreshing, especially on a hot day. I usually pair this drink with a really spicy dish like the Bassa Fried Nuggets here in the above picture.

This drink is just enough to cool the palate after the heat of a spicy dish. Not to mention that it’s a got a clearing of the mind effect with the additional Mint in the mix!! It reminds me of one especially hot day in Virgin Gorda as I’d had my own private picnic (which I’d done often as a ritual of love for myself).

I prepared a lunch bag, beach towel, bathing suit and beach togs. I made myself an Appetizer of my St. Thomas Cevice, and a dish of Caribbean Fried Rice and Salad. Boy was it hot out there!! I bought 2…

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