Jamaican Singer LeAnn LeHavas new Album “Blood”

Written by Lisa Parvasini for Repeating Islands  
The British singer-songwriter sat down with Zach Dionne of Fuse to talk about her sophomore album, an inspiring trip to see her family and the moment her record suddenly turns metal. Follow the link below for the video of the interview.

Lianne La Havas started winning the wide world’s heart in 2012 with Is Your Love Big Enough? The 25-year-old singer-songwriter’s July 31 follow-up, Blood, takes the tenderness, honesty, and low-key guitar wizardry from the debut and adds heavy-hitting producers and vivid depictions of everything La Havas has experienced since finding fame.
For example, the trip she took with her mother to visit family in Jamaica. LLH met producer Stephen McGregor, a.k.a. Di Genius, and found her sophomore album taking liftoff. “I was just immersed in music,” she tells Fuse in the clip above. “And basically every experience after that was—it felt like I knew what I wanted from it, and how to get what I wanted, and how to recognize the feeling that I wanted to music to give me when I was making it. So everything suddenly had new importance when I got back from Jamaica.”
Below you’ll see Lianne La Havas talk about the making of “Never Get Enough,” Blood’s penultimate track, which blasts the listener with a sudden metal cacophony in the middle of a gentle jam that somehow wound up becoming “this tremendous, chainsaw-esque bit of music.”
Blood is available July 31; pre-order it here. Till it hits, enjoy new single “Green & Gold” and the vibrant videos for “Unstoppable” and “What You Don’t Do.”
For the original report and the interview videos go to http://www.fuse.tv/videos/2015/07/lianne-la-havas-interview-blood-album-july-30#sthash.LnczjG9V.dpuf


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