High Tea, Tea Time…Serious business 🍵

Written by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine©

What does Tea Time mean to me is a family tradition. In our home tea time was the time when the Ladies in our family gathered and discussed everything from women’s issues, science, men, world culture and Caribbean recipes to cure the world!

Could it be in our blood as Caribbean people to just naturally engage in tea ceremonies. These practices may have come a long way during the slave trade as one of our cultural rituals…having tea. 

One would think it’s only an Asian or British European affair however our mixed Caribbean blood points back to Africa! Tea cerimonies are done all over the world.

In Senegal 🇸🇳 the tea is called Attya much like our Caribbean Bush Tea. They really do it up! Some ceremonies are up to 3 hours of tea time!

Here the gentlemen are having tea on the beach…

I don’t usually take milk/cream with my tea but I will have Coconut Milk as the alternative if I’m serving it with the tea during tea time.

My favorite brand of Coconut Milk comes from Grace Foods. Love their milk whether it’s canned, creamed in solid or powdered like I have pictured here. They are most definitely my go to brand for everything Caribbean seasoned.

I have my Coconut Milk ready to go in my airtight containers from Teavana. I transferred it from the package straight to the container (because I love a good presentation, it’s the artist in me).

I’ve long been a fan of Matcha Green Tea. The brand im fancying right about now is by Rishi. It’s a sugar cane sweetened Matcha 🍵 which I adore because it needs no additional sweetening (unless you choose to).

This brand is easy to mix and richly flavored, organic and has good coloring. Things you always want to find in the best quality teas.


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