Coconut Carmel Sauce | How-To make your own

IMG_1760.JPGWritten by NZINGHA for ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine

It all started out with a craving and the new fall season and all the delicacies to come for the upcoming holiday season. Now you may not be a celebrated of the holidays but, you surely cannot deny the season and the harvest of food around this time. Here in the northern hemisphere (America is who I’m referring to) you will find that it’s Apple, Pumpkin and Cranberry picking season. In the Caribbean it’s Sorrel season.

Ground provisions such as pumpkin you can always find in the Caribbean. In fact many Caribbean dishes have pumpkin in them like soups and rice dishes. But anyway…I had this craving for deconstructed Carmel Apples! I love the natural sweetness of Apples with the obviously gooey purposeful sweetness of Caramel. And of course ever the Caribbean woman there’s always the touch of the Caribbean in everything I do.

So I decided instead of going to the store to get a premade container of caramel to make my own with a bit of Caribbean twist!

1) 1 cup of ZLounge Nouvelle Caribbean Cuisine Toasted Coconut Sugar
2) 1 tbsp Vanilla Extract
3) 1 tbsp of Coconut Rum or Rum Extract (optional)
4) 4 tbsp of Butter
5) 1 cup of Water
6) 1/4 cup of Coconut Milk

First step Sugar and Water on a high flame over the stove. Be sure to stir continuously because the sugar can burn easily.


Second step add Butter. Still on high flame stirring consistently.


Third step now add Vanilla & Rum


Fourth on a simmering flame now add Coconut Milk. Stirring gently to mix the milk into the Carmel. Here’s where most people use heavy cream but I opt for a healthier option with the Coconut Milk.

Here you can see the Carmel has a rich beautiful COLOR to it. The Carmel may seem very liquid like to you at first but once it cools off it will thicken up nicely.

Next let the Carmel cool and pour the mixture into a glass jar or whatever container you like.


Now serve and enjoy your Apples and Coconut Carmel Sauce!!


Here’s a how-to, on making your own Carmel Candies.


Peace Be Your Journey…


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