GRAZE Healthy Snacks #1 | Product Review #1

Written by NZINGHA for ZLounge™

I love healthy snacking because honestly I’m not a big sweets eater. Don’t get me wrong I do like sweets but, only small bites honestly. And if I do have sweets in my home it’s usually for guests or in limited and small petit sized tea servings (I prefer the presentation better than a slab of a cake of sorts. It just looks in bad manner and form to me). 

My personal preferences are fresh fruits, fruit salads, fruit snacks and appetizers and healthy snakers. I like grains, nuts, crunchers, popcorn mixes and such. I do like popcorn a lot.

So, I was recently texting with a colleague of mine about healthy snacks and she’d mention a company I was unfamiliar with but quite interested in because she’d said they had all healthy snack items to from. The company is called GRAZE

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It’s a company founded in the UK (so this appeals to the British Caribbean girl that I am) and distributed by Natured Delivered in Jersey City, New Jersey…fortunate for me I happen to currently reside in Jersey City!!

Well, while online browsing the array of treats I went ahead and placed an order for a sample box. It couldn’t hurt right to try something new. The order form said the box would be delivered to me by July 2. Well amazing news the box was promptly delivered on June 20th!!!!! Talk about service!!! Amazing!!!


So to my great delight I was like a kid in a candy store! I rip into the box to see all the goodies and open it and see this beautiful photo of a ripe fig, a greeting note and four vacuum packed plastic containers. Each container is nestled in its own slot.


The snacks sampled are:

  1. Fruit & Seed Flapjack 
  2. Cinnamon Fig Roll
  3. Hickory Smoked BBQ
  4. Mango Chutney 

My first item that I tried was was the Cinnamon Fig Roll. The first thing I noticed was the nice sized pieces of Vanilla Cookie and the sweet scent. The raisins are cinnamon coated (lightly) and boy are they good and tender not dry and super chewy like a fruit leather. The raisins are nice and plump and so are the dried figs. This snak was delicious like eating a fig newton without the guilt!!!! Only 110 calories for the entire pack!!! Delish!!!


My second snack offering is a mix of Cashews, Corn Nuts and Green Peas that are in a Smoked Hickory BBQ flavor. This was non stop deliciousness!! I couldn’t stop I plowed straight through this one. No lie I felt like I was eating a plate of BBQ!! The Cashew and Peas were my absolute faves in this mix. The Corn Nuts always are a bit too crunchy for my tastes but I do eat them. This one gets a 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 rating from me. I’d definitely order that one again and maybe if possible order it in bulk size to keep in containers in the kitchen. 150 calories 1.2oz container.


The next one out of the box was the Fruit & Seed Flapjack. I always thought flapjacks were known as pancakes?! Well anyway, this one right here….AMAZING!!! The rolled oats, dried apricots, dates, raisins, currants, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds had me at hello. This offering has to be the most flavorful moist oatmeal bar I think I’ve ever had. GOBBLED THAT ONE LIKE IN MINUETS! Yet managed to save a little pice for the next days breakfast this is a great one for the kids lunchbox indeed. Weighing in at 230 calories 1.9oz package.


Wellsah….save the best for last….SURE DID!!! Gotta say this one was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE out of the pack!!!! Guess it’s the Indo Caribbean mango chutney flavor with the Black Pepper chips/crackers I dunno but I was licking my lips and fingers!!! It has a slight spice to it which I love and the light airy chips are winning. Soooo good. And guess what only 80 calories in the .85oz pack. Ummm yeah I need more of this one in my life. The chutney was fresh moist and the right amount of sweet heat to roll around in your mouth. Simply delicious 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾rating from me on this one.

Overall this company has my vote for great and heathy snacks come to your door. This is a monthly package you get for a whooping $11.00 a month. I’m all the way in GRAZE YOU WIN!!! So yeah I recommend this as a gift box for sure. Stay fed and healthy a win win situation 😉

Peace Be Your Journey,


Oh and you can order your first FREE BOX under my coupon code: 


And you get your 1st, 5th and 10th for FREE!!!!!!!!!!


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