GRAZE BOX #2 | Product Review #2

Written by NZINGHA for ZLounge© 


Mmmm where do I begin with this, let me see. Okay let me say this first…so I can get it out of the way and off my mind. I’m not someone who believes, or follows trends. 

I’ve always seen myself as a trendsetter and indeed one who “thinks outside of the box” (pun intended) but here today I’m going to talk a bit about things IN BOXES! And some things that are in boxes can actually be good and beneficial if well thought out and executed.


Those that know me well know I love good food, healthy food and great packaging and branding. I’m an Artist so I always see things from this perspective. And like my art I persue beauty in all things so, is my choice of food parings, giftings and what I personally buy and the portions its presented in.

Now I’m going to talk about food boxes today. What sparked this topic is my second encounter with FOOD BOXES and my first order with the company GRAZE. I honestly never even saw this trend in food boxes coming to my door!! But I have to say it’s a brilliant idea!!!

I love healthy snacks but oftentimes when I’m in the supermarket I simply forget to get snack food items. I tend to go to market with entrée food on my mind and how the food I choose for the month will stretch and what dishes I will make in that month. My dining is often very calculated and now and again spontaneous.

But back to GRAZE…I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BRAND SO FAR!!! I ordered the 8 snack snack box and can I tell you some things are better the second time around!!! In my first encounter with GRAZE (see my first review) I was thoroughly pleased but this go round I was over the moon!!


Subscription Box List

Food Boxes

*TheFancy Food Box:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $39+$2.95/month for regular box

What is it?: For those who don’t know, TheFancy is like pinterest but for products especially cool and amazing items. The Food box sends out gourmet and exotic foods and spices. Sometimes there are also culinary tools. Drinks and recipes are also included at times. The Food usually is worth around $75-$80. Check it out. Use my referral code to sign up for TheFancy- sign up is free it’s like Pinterest. 


*Love with Food:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $10/month includes shipping

What is it?: Get a box filled with gourmet samples each month. Taste the deliciousness and then buy your favorites at their store for large discounts. One of the best things about Love with Food is that they donate a meal to a hungry child for every box bought- 50,220 meals donated thus-far. Use my referral code which gives me money that I can (and will) use to donate to their charity. Use promo code FBGIFT to get your first box free (just $2 for shipping)!


Type: Food Box

Cost: $5/week includes shipping

What is it?: This brand-new subscription service sends out a box every week full of snack full of healthy benefits that look super tasty! Their motto is graze: nature delivered- delicious, healthy snacks by mail. Their website is amazing and lets you check out every single snack. They also offer two options- the nibble box (over 100 products) AND the light option (each snack between 50-150 calories). I ordered the light and am excited to try it. Right now this is invite only and my invite code all used up!:Email me at and I will try to set you up with someone for an invite code!

Type: Food Box

Cost: $19.95/month includes shipping

What is it?: Every month this snack food box sends out 5 full packages of healthy snacks that taste great. These all-natural snacks are nutritionist approved and if you are unhappy you can always get a full refund. Pausing/suspending a subscription is also available. Use my linkand type in promo code ADDICTION for 30% off your first box.

Petit amuse:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $12/month includes shipping

What is it?: Each month you will receive either 3-4 samples or 1-2 full-size products from small-batch food companies. This is a great way to discover new companies as they feature small, inspired, unique artisanal producers. They have just introduced a referral program (not around when I tried a box) and this company does not make money on this product, they only want to introduce you to new tastes.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $10/month includes shipping

What is it?: Every month a diverse selection of Asian snack is sent to your door. dumplingbox is dedicated to spreading the deliciousness of Asian snacks. Have you ever walked into an Asian Supermarket and wondered what the colorful packages with the cute little characters contain? Well, now is your chance! Sample a diverse variety of Asian snacks every month with your own dumplingbox.
Hungry Globetrotter:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $34.95/month

What is it?: Every month you will receive recipes, sauces, and spices so that you can enjoy an eclectic meal. These gourmet recipes and food are inspired by a different travel destination every month so you get to try a different cuisine each month.
Knosh Box:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $30/month

What is it?: Knoshbox is a monthly service to discover artisan food. Each month you will receive 4-6 gourmet foods to feast on and share.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $7/month includes shipping

What is it?: Every month you will receive 5-8 products handpicked from the Goodies Co. team. After trying them all you can review products to order full-sized products and earn points. This company is run by Wal-Mart and you need an invite code to join.
Healthy Surprise: 

Type: Food Box

Cost: $33/month (16-20 servings) + $6.99 shipping $66/month (32-40 servings) includes shipping $99/month (50-60 servings) includes shipping

What is it?: Depending on the size of your box you will receive a large amount of full-size healthy snacks. All snacks are all-natural, vegan (means dairy-free too), gluten free, and soy free. This is a perfect option for those with food allergies and preferences that are hard to find in stores. Discover new and great snacks that you know are good for your body. Plum District is offering $20 off any subscription.
Bestowed Box:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $19/month includes shipping

What is it?: Every month, Heather Bauer, celebrity nutritionist and author, will hand-pick 5+ nutrition and lifestyle products to be delivered straight to you. Each box will include the products as well as an overview of each one, why it was included in the box, how to integrate it into your life, and where to purchase. My readers can use code 5OFFBSTOWED01 for $5 off.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $27.86/month includes shipping

What is it?: Every month you choose 14 different boxes of bites ($1.99 a piece). When you sign up you will fill out info about yourself to customize your offerings. Each GoBite is a portion-controlled “mini-meal” made with the finest, nutrient-rich, organic and all-natural ingredients from around the world. The ingredients in each GoBite have been carefully selected by our team to create nutritionally balanced, tasty combinations.
Gourmet Spotting:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $29.99/month includes shipping

What is it?: Each month you will receive a Tasting Box of 4-6 gourmet products from organic, fair-trade, eco-friendly companies. Every time a box is ordered and sent out a meal is donated to charity. These true foodies pick gourmet food from around the world to make your mouth water. Use discount code ADDICTION50 to get 50% off your first box.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $14.99/box (can receive weekly, every two weeks, or monthly)

What is it?: Each box will contain 3 full-sized packages of nutritionist-approved, healthy and delicious snacks. This box can be shipped to your workplace to deliver you healthy snacks when you are feeling peckish. This box provides busy Americans a way to improve your diet, energy level, and productivity through healthy snacks.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $29.99/month includes shipping

What is it?: Each month, you’ll receive 4-6 full-sized products from the finest up-and-coming local food artisans. Each Samplr will include anything from cookies and chocolates to spreads and sauces, along with a card containing product descriptions, pairing suggestions, and recipes. Samplr not also offers a vegetarian only box.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $21/month includes shipping

What is it?: Each month you receive a large envelope filled with at least 6 full-size all-natural products including snacks, drinks, desserts, and chocolates. A meal is donated every shipment to charity.
Standard Cocoa:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $27.50/month includes shipping

What is it?: This box is perfect for the chocolate lover! Every month you’ll receive 3 unique craft chocolate bars from our featured chocolate maker, as well as a write-up of what you’re enjoying and where you can find more. Every month, a craft chocolate maker is selected by Standard Cocoa and along with 3 bars from that maker they share that company/maker’s story and inspiration.
Pairings Box:

Type: Food Box (& Lifestyle)

Cost: $25/month + tax/fees

What is it?: This box from Turntable Kitchen is a curated food and music discovery experience delivered right to your door. Each box contains 1-2 spices and dried foods with recipes to to make a meal that is paired with an enclosed limited-edition 7-inch vinyl single. The idea is to eat and listen together to create a perfect pairing.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $15/month

What is it?: This brand new candy- think bon bons- subscription company features artisan chocolates with a technological flair. When you open up your box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get (I had to-sorry). How do you not know? No info card or top of the box explaining what’s inside. Instead you look up the treats online or on their app and find out all kinds of things about your treats. Sign up now to be alerted to the next round of memberships. “The Couture Candy of the Month Club.”

Candy Japan:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $23.95/month (2 boxes a month) includes shipping worldwide

What is it?: Twice a month you will receive a mystery box of candy directly from Japan. Again, this once a month payment actually provides TWO boxes. After subscribing, the duo behind Candy Japan select different candies to let you enjoy the fun candy wrappers and of course the candy itself. Have a taste of Japan at home!
Joyus Tasting Box:

Type: Food Box

Cost: Varies based on box $20-$40

What is it?: The people behind Joyus- specifically Joyus food- make a tasting box! Each box is based on a certain theme and are priced specifically for that box. This isn’t an on-going subscription but a box-to-box purchase. Box themes have included Bacon, Valentine’s Day, and Candy (for adults).
*The Jungle Stand:

Type: Food Box

Cost: $9.92/month includes shipping

What is it?: From their website: “We are an original taste-ing BAR. And every month the BAR will offer bitesized samples for taste-ing. It’ll be a very unique experience for sure certainly one you’ve never had before. Perhaps odd maybe even strange at times, butal ways delightful. So take a taste and enjoy!” Each bar comes with 6 tasting samples.

March 2013 Review; April 2013 Review
New York Mouth:

Type: Food Box/Drink Box

Cost: Starting at $90/3 months- varies based on subscription- all include shipping

What is it?: New York Mouth offers 8 different types of subscription boxes! Yes, EIGHT! All are offered in 3 month subscriptions with most offered in 6 month or 12 month subscriptions as well. They offer the best for the foodie in you. Monthly boxes include: Chocolate Every Month, Cocktail Hour Every Month, Cookies Every Night, Jerky Every Month, New Indie Releases, Pickles Every Month, Snacks Every Month, and Sweets Every Month.
Trade as One:

Type: Food Box (+Drink Box)

Cost: $99/quarter includes shipping

What is it?: From their site: “Change for Good is a fair trade food subscription program that gives you a simple, regular way to ensure that a portion of your normal spending on food is redirected to a tasty assortment of fairly traded foods delivered right to your door on a seasonal basis (4 deliveries a year). Change for Good is a subscription food delivery program that sends a box full of a varied assortment of consumables from Trade as One to your doorstep seasonally (every 3 months). Each box includes 12-15 products, plus recipes, producer stories and exclusive offers and samples only for Change for Good participants. Every season will be different- you’ll get superb quality chocolate, rice, olive oil, sugar, quinoa, cherries, tea, salsa and dip mixes, herbs, and lots more goodies to eat, plus a few other everyday consumables like hand soap and travel size shampoos. Need gluten free? No problem.” You can also add 2 bags of coffee in each shipment.

Type: Food Box

Cost: $69/week (Classic Box for 2 people) $59/week (Veggie Box for 2 people)

What is it?: From their site: “Get delicious recipes and all the ingredients in the exact quantities for 2, 4 or 6 persons. Your box will include our beautiful photo recipe cards and everything you need including meat and fish and even herbs and spices.” The Veggie box provides all vegetarian recipes. This box provides recipes and products for the meals you make for the week. They deliver to the East Coast only currently. Use code HELLO30 to save 30% off your first box. 

Food Boxes: Dietary Restrictions

Type: Food Box: DR

Cost: $26.95/month includes shipping

What is it?: This box is for the gluten-intolerant and celiacs of the world. This box offers 100% gluten-free, delicious, vegan snacks from 100s of nationwide food producers. Sprig hand-selects their snacks to deliver the tastiest options right to your door.

Type: Food Box: DR

Cost: $15/month includes shipping

What is it?: Discover allergy free food that is physician approved! Whether you are gluten-free, vegan, or have specific food allergies, this box is selected to fit your dietary needs and is screened to be just for you. This box includes both food for whole meals as well as snacks. Use code nonuts50 for 50% off.

Type: Food Box: DR

Cost: $19/month + $5.95 shipping

What is it?: Stop scouring the aisles and books for gluten free foods and have them delivered right to your door step with this subscription service. New snacks, gluten free foods, and recipes delivered monthly.

Type: Food Box: DR

Cost: $15/month includes shipping

What is it?: This health Focused Specific Boxes for Your Needs including: Top 8 Allergen Free, Heart Healthy, Vegan/Vegetarian, Diabetic/Insulin Resistant, Kosher, Low Sodium, Paleo Diet, and Organic.

Savorfull will customize for ANY lifestyle based on your organizations needs! Use code BITINGMYHAND for $1 off 1 month, $9 off 6 months, or $20 off a 1-year subscription.

Type: Food Box: DR

Cost: $35/month + $5 shipping

What is it?: Boxtera offers a monthly subscription of organic snacks, foods and sometimes a beverage

delivered to your home or office. Each box will include approximately 25 servings of organic snacks. Boxtera choose products that are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and minimally processed if at all.
Paleo Pax:

Type: Food Box: DR

Cost: $18/month

What is it?: Each month 5 paleo snacks are hand-picked from producers around the country. Paleo can be hard to follow when not at home so these snacks help when you are on the go. Paleo Pax is currently full but sign up to join when openings become available.
Vegan Cuts Snack Box:

Type: Food Box: DR

Cost: $19.95/month includes shipping (+$8 to Canada)

What is it?: This new subscription box delivers vegan goodies right to your door. Featured by PETA, TIME, and vegansaurous each box includes 5-8 vegan products, ranging from sweet treats to household fun stuff.Check out their marketplace to see what kind of products are featured in each box.


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